Green Shenron, Gold Shenron and Super Shenron Figures
Super Shenron Figure With Box
Gold Shenron Figure With Box
Super Shenron No Box
Gold Shenron No Box
Green Shenron With Box
Green Shenron No Box

3 Styles Of Shenron Figures DBZ DBS


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Here we have the green traditional Shenron on a stand. We also have a gold Shenron that also comes on a stand. Then we have super Shenron who is summoned when the super dragon balls are collected and put together.

Keep these dragon close you never know when you are going to need a wish!

Age: 16+
Gender: Unisex
Brand Name: Anime Is Essential
Item Type: Figure 
height: 15cm
weight: 272g
material: PVC